Costume Rules:  GCC-CosplayRules.pdf

Pre-registration IS REQUIRED by 3pm with the cosplay guests at their booths the day of the event!

Broken into categories:

  • Children (12 and under)
  • Adult (13 and older, individual, all skill levels)
  • Groups (all ages and skill levels, 2 or more people)

Prejudging Criteria:

All done with cosplay guests at their booths at entry/sign-up throughout the day by 3pm before the contest.

Judges can be rotated in and out of prejudging as needed, one main judge required to be present at each prejudging

Contestants should be in costume and be prepared to talk about construction. Reference pictures are not required, but are encouraged especially for more obscure cosplays. If the contestant is modeling a costume, the maker should be present to answer at prejudging, and the maker is the contestant, not the model.

  • Percentage of the costume that is handmade
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality
  • Overall appearance
  • Likeness to the character
  • Maneuverability / functionality
  • Stage presence / crowd appeal


4 main judges to sit in at the contest:

Martha Howard, Chris Skipper, Dava Renee, Angie Starr

Additional prejudging judges may be pulled as needed per cosplay guests’ needs.


Begins on the Main Stage at 4pm – all entries in any category

Go by groups:

Judges have reference pictures (where applicable) as well as prejudging notes and score. The prejudging score is the score used to determine the winner. Official judges make an additional judges choice award.

Photographer takes shots of each contestant as they take their turn onstage.


  • Best in Show – $100 and trophy*
  • 1st place Adult – Free pair of tickets to GCC 2018 and trophy
  • 2nd place Adult – Swag bag and trophy
  • 3rd place Adult – trophy
  • 1st place Children – Free pair of tickets to GCC 2018 and trophy
  • 2nd place Children – Swag bag and trophy
  • 3rd place Children – trophy
  • Best Group – Free tickets to GCC 2018 for the group and (1) shared trophy
  • Martha’s/Kyle’s Choice – trophy
  • Chris’s Choice – trophy
  • Dava’s Choice – trophy
  • Angie’s/Corii’s Choice – trophy
  • Best Prop – $50 and trophy*
  • Director’s Cup – Lifetime ticket to GCC and trophy

*  Half of cash prize presented as exhibitor hall voucher.

While not required you may pre-register by emailing:

Please have the following info in the email:

Your name

Name of your character/cosplay

Approx time of creation

Approx % that is handmade